Submarine Archaeological Heritage of the Western Black Sea Shelf

Currently under evaluation, HERAS is a joint project between Romanian and Bulgarian scientists, in witch we plan to investigate the western Black Sea shelf from the Danube to Cape Kaliakra.  The project objectives are to discover, conserve and promote the underwater archaeological heritage of this region. There are several ancient sites and hundreds of shipwrecks waiting to be explored. Starting from the Hellenic and Roman period sites, to the modern age shipwrecks, thise underwater region hase never been investigated in a coprehensive and  scientific maner.

Project approach

The ethics of HERAS are laid out in the following system approach:

Archives Exploration and analysis of documents in order to determine the probable locations of archaeological vestiges.

Surveying Use of non-intrusive, cutting-edge technology such as a side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and satellite positioning system (GPS) to map the site.

Excavation Archaeological work of the highest standard, specific databases, archaeological inventory, drawings, mapping, photography, filming and photogrammetric analysis.

Conservation Conservation, restoration and cataloging of findings by specialists.

Analysis Analysis of findings by specialists who also participate in the release of results in scientific publications.

Publication Presentation of findings to the public through exhibitions and the media.

Exhibitions Exhibitions of artefacts originating from a single archaeological site (example: the Tomis area) or presentations to the public of artefacts from different sites according to a theme (example: the maritime trade routes in Black Sea).